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The cost of any Funeral will always depend on the services and personal requirements of the individual. However we like to give you an idea of how much a Low cost Funeral would be.
Our Best Low Cost Price as of Sept 2018
£1499.00 *

This covers our Professional fees , the collection( From within a 25 Mile radius of Winsford)the care of the deceased also all Undertaking towards the Funeral. A Hearse and a Low cost Coffin. This also includes a short committal service.

Low Cost Third party charges would be Doctors Fee's (£164),and Vale Royal Crematorium (Early window £650).

Low Cost Third Party Charges Total as of Sept 2018 
£ 814.00

Total Inclusive Low Cost Funeral  £2313.00

* Please be aware this is the total of our fees and does not include Third Party Charges, and is based on a 9:00 service. 

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