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What To Do In The Event Of A Death 
The death of a loved one or friend may well be one of the most traumatic and painful experiences many of us will encounter in our  lifetimes. Geoff and David Fowles will be here every step of the way to help you through these stressful and difficult times.   
Very few of us understand the procedures and things that need to be done in the event of a death, the following information is there help you through the steps that need to be taken at this time. Geoff and David are also available 24 hours a day to help with any queries you may have regarding the death or funeral arrangements of a loved one, or to moving a deceased person from the place at which they have died. 
In our experience we have found it most beneficial for the families to contact us as soon as possible when a death does occur.  Even when it is not necessary or possible for us to attend a death, for example if the person has passed away in hospital, we can give helpful and comforting advice if needed to help ease the families worries and concerns, and to ensure that the family are aware of everything which needs to be done.

If the death occurs in a Hospital 

Hospital staff will contact the next of kin named by the deceased, which may or may not be a family member.  The hospital will arrange for a doctor to issue a medical (death) certificate. If an attending doctor is unable to issue the certificate, the death will be passed on to HM Coroner of the local district. 

If death occurs at Home or a Nursing Home  

In the case of an expected death, the doctor attending the deceased during their last illness should be contacted.  If this death occurs at a nursing home, the staff at the home will do this for you.  Depending on whether the doctor can certify or not, you will be given a Medical Certificate showing the cause of death (death certificate) which is required for later appointments with the registrar. 
In the event of a sudden or unexpected death 

If the cause is unknown or unexpected there are several people to be contacted: The deceased's doctor or GP (if this information is available)The deceased's next of kin (if this is unknown the police will attempt to find the person or people required). The Police are to be informed if there are any suspicions of an unnatural cause of death, or suspicious circumstances, do not touch or remove anything from the premises or from the deceased. 
Our 24hr Telephone Number is 
07970 900 536
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