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A  brief history of Fowles Funeral Services

Winsford's Oldest Funeral Directors

James Fowles

"Fowles Funeral Services" is one of Winsfords longest running family firms and is now in its sixth generation. 

The business was founded by James Fowles over 200 years ago and was situated on High Street, where it ran for many years before relocating to

Delamere Street in 1957.

 It was then passed to Thomas Fowles...

 who in turn was succeeded by Arthur Fowles.

Thomas Fowles
Arthur Fowles

In 1980 Arthur's son, Geoff took over at the helm of the business. He continues to run the family firm alongside wife Carole, his son David and his daughter Lesley.

Carole and Geoff Fowles
Dave Fowles
 fowles 9_2018-20.jpg

In 2014 Craig Murray joined the business and is an invaluable member of the team helping to uphold the high standards the company has always set.

At the beginning of 2018 we started the search for someone else to join the team and after an extensive search Jason joined in Easter 2018

 fowles 9_2018-31.jpg
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