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ITV's Tonight Show Explained

You may have seen the ITV Tonight show about Funeral Prices on Thursday. It brought up some very interesting points, but please don't worry, Funerals will not cost you £7000. They mentioned "Independent Funeral Directors" , which we are, and have been for nearly 250 years. We don't, as they describe "Upsell", we ask you what funeral you would like, what services do you need and also importantly we work around your financial budget.

It is true that on average the national chains will work out around £1200 more expensive. It is also worth checking that if you want to use an Independent funeral director that they haven't been bought by a national chain, and are still using the original family name. More often than not these too will also be more expensive than a family funeral director.

If you saw the programme they also mentioned that we live in a price comparison society and we agree it is always worth a bit of a price check on google. The important thing is don't worry about a loved ones funeral we are here to make sure no matter what your situation, they will get the dignified service that they deserve. I hope that eases any worries the show may have given you.

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