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The Big "Secret Garden" is Revealed

In January 2021 we decided to open up some of our unused woodland at the back of our premises on Delamere Street. We have called it "The Garden of Reflection"

This Video will show you how it all started, to how it is now, and how its here for you.

We have to say so many Thank You's. Thank you to Birches Crematorium and all the families that have generously donated trees, bushes and flowers. Thank you to Mike Beeston Services for the incredible landscaping job. Thank you to the team here at Fowles for their dedication and hard work (and for putting up with me "Dave the Obsessed Gardener") . This garden is here for you, whether you have been to arrange a funeral, visit a loved one or just need a quiet space to come and sit, its here for you to enjoy. The birds sing, the squirrels chatter, the local cats have a wander through to say hello and the kettle is just 50m away if you would like a good old "Brew.

This is "Your", Garden of Reflection.

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